Legal department of international affairs

Presentation of legal and trading consultation of international affair

Protecting from a group of attorneys at bar and Justice Administration and salient lawyers throughout the country, ” Institute of Law & Arbitration ” has created a consortium regarding legal affairs and international trade as fully expert and professional workgroups along with communication with public departments and bodies, Central Bank of Iran (CBI), and various ministries to try to prepare an appropriate platform to attract foreign investors and financers and to pave the way for their presence and activity in Islamic Republic of Iran and expert follow-up their requests and demands in all competent bodies and it is ready to present the following services rather than judicial and legal defense from them

Our services

• Presentation of legal consultation in the fields of domestic and international investments
• Acceptance and implementation of arbitration in all domestic and international legal affairs along with issuance of arbitration awards and their enforcement via judicial competent bodies
• Making effort to resolve domestic and international legal disputes through analysis on subject of dispute in reconciliation and compromise sessions
• Proposing contractual services relating to finance, leasing, investment, opening of letters of credits (LCs), banking guarantees, and credit agreements under supervision of Central Bank of Iran
• Giving legal consultation services in the fields of custom affairs, exportation and importation of permitted commodities under supervision of regulations of commercial law
• Offering legal consultation services in Bourse (SEO) and Fara-Bourse activities
• Presentation of legal consultation services at various administrative levels in order to inform the directors about legal and criminal effects and liabilities during administration career
• Proposing legal consultation services regarding industry and mines from phase of establishment to exploitation phase as it requires for the audiences
• Giving legal consultation services at different levels and the fields of decision-making and management by high rank directors and CEOs
• Presentation of legal consultation services concerning contractual securities and guarantees and possible balancing and or determination of their type and way of their implementation
• Giving legal consultation services in the field of registration of commercial companies, registration of trade brand, name, and logo, drawing up minutes of general meetings, codification of corporate statutes, conversion and dissolution of enterprises, liquidation and bankruptcy
• Presentation of services for immigration, students’ affairs, work visa, educational visa, residence, provisional and permanent work license

• Offering consultation services for real estates and properties in all relevant activities to (purchase, sale, mortgage, and rental)
• Giving consultation services for custom activities to owners of imported goods, exporters of commodities, officials of custom clearance and commissioners
• Participation in pre-contractual negotiations and preparation of draft for agreements between two and multiple parties at domestic and international levels
• Final codification of various trade, civil, participatory, agency (brokerage), banking, credit, and investment contracts and expert supervision over their implementation
• Interpretation of international contracts by consideration of norm and special professional procedures as it requires for the applicants
• Taking the needed strategies to balance and adjust agreements by considering economic and social variable conditions
• Determination of the governing rule over international agreements and employing skill in judicial and legal recognition of contract parties
• Presentation of modern services in the fields of servicing, insurance, and foreign commercial agreements
• Giving the related services to agreements of working rights, taxation, rights of marine, airline, and land transportation with expertise
• Conclusion and codification of contracts regarding oil, energy, and petrochemical fields at upstream and downstream levels
• Proposing contractual services regarding transference of technology and construction and exploitation in oil, gas, and petrochemical fields
• Offering consultation and legal services concerning to finance and investment in construction and of refinery, industrial, transportation, welfare, electricity and power plant, telecommunications, IT & ICT, touristic, educational, housing, administrative and commercial, medical, recreational, sport, and agricultural projects etc