About us

Institute of Law and Arbitration , has been registered under REG No 36254 and National ID No 14005037336 by Companies Registration Department (The Judiciary- State Organization for Registration of Documents & Properties) and subject of its activity includes conducting legal consultation and activities and attorneyship by the lawyers with valid attorneyship license and Justice Administration Official Experts. Mr. Mostafa Shariati, as managing director of this institute, possesses full powers according to the corporate statutes and based on the approval of general and extraordinary meeting of this institute, he will be allowed to intervene in all relevant educational activities regarding properties, arbitration at domestic and foreign level, admission of advocacy in legal and criminal actions, and implementation of legal affairs at international level in which he executes the relevant follow-up trends professionally within a certain group (workgroup) in judicial affairs. At present more than 32 advocates with license as attorney-at- bar association as well as 18 members of academic faculty, and 15 Justice Official Experts are active in this institute for execution of various relevant fields.

The approach of this institute may be divided into two branches in international affairs:

Conducting legal activities by means of well-trained and educated legal experts at international levels

Implementation of commercial affairs using the experienced experts from colleague institute under title of ” Institute of Management and Development Planning “

Through created alliance and unity between these two groups jointly, all of requirements and requests will be met for foreign investors in both legal and commercial sectors with providing and security of their presence in Islamic Republic of Iran